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The premier portfolio tracker and tax reporting dApp on Solana

Building the first one-stop-shop for tracking your portfolio, managing your assets & producing historical transaction reports for filing your taxes powered by our Netrunner NFTs.

Netrunner NFTs

Netrunner NFT
Netrunner NFT
Netrunner NFT
Netrunner is powered by 4,646 Cyberpunk NFTs that grant their owners lifetime free access to our platform.


Aggregated Wallet View
View all of your assets across multiple wallets in a single dashboard display. Keep track of your portfolio value in Solana & fiat, view your unrealised profit and loss in Solana & fiat.
NFT Appreciation & Depreciation
No more second guessing whether your portfolio performance is up or down. View the appreciation and/or depreciation of your NFTs in Solana & fiat at a glance.

Tax Reporting

Regulations are coming to web3 and paying taxes on your investments and trades is something we all need to prepare for.
If you’ve tried keeping your own records in the past, you’ll know it isn’t easy. Using Netrunner, you’ll soon be able to export your transaction history in an easy to read format in order to file your tax returns.
Purchase a Netrunner NFT to gain instant access to our platform today!
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